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Historical Background

Afghan Carpet - Historical Background:

It was in the early 20th Century in the historic city of Peshawar that the illustrious father of the present owner / CEO Mr. Pervaiz Hussain who, keeping the age old tradition of nomadic trade, started his carpet business. After partition the founder, determined to seek better prospects for his family, moved the business to Karachi and started a thriving carpet business named “AFGHAN CARPET”. He also encouraged his sons to learn the art of trading and selling their carpets. They excelled in production, marketing and distribution of their brand worldwide.

From the humble beginnings through years of hard work by its present owner has made the company synonymous with some of the finest wool/silk blend hand knotted carpets in the Afghan, Central Asian, Tibetan & Persian tradition. Besides the Pakistani carpets we have stocks of tribal carpets, popularly called the Khyber range collection, Persian rugs & Kilims, Balochi ‘Textiles’ in a diversity of weaves, sizes, materials, quality, etc.

AFGHAN CARPET is through strategic planning ideally located & established retail outlets in posh localities and in reputed shopping mall & hotels to facilitate its local and international clientele has developed and cultivated strong ties with members of

the diplomatic and trade mission. The curious wholesaler and the avid collector who spend hours sifting through the prized collection and huge inventory of carpets and rugs. At Afghan Carpet, each customer receives a thorough understanding of the carpets being purchased and the traditional hospitality and courteous service is desired to leave an indelible impression on the client. To meet the varied demands of customers different varieties of carpets and rugs are stocked to provide a complete choice.

Afghan Carpet - The Present Setup:

The flagship show room and ware house is located in posh locality of Clifton, Karachi and comprises arguably the finest collection of hand knotted carpet in the world. As part of the educational experience of the client a demonstration working model of a carpet loom where weavers are engaged in weaving in rhythmic motion a fine specimen of a traditional Pakistani carpet based inside the warehouse to show the making of a carpet.

The Client Relationship Department is well trained and available to explain how a carpet is made ‘knot’ by ‘knot’. The enthusiastic customers watch the weaving process with the weaving process with fascination and follow the magical movements of the weavers, creating a work of art.

Afghan Carpet, keeping in mind the increasing demand of carpets has opened up a outlet in Lahore to improve accessibility for its clients.

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